Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mac's Industrial Burger Bar AAR

We hit Mac's Industrial Burger Bar in Nordeast this Monday, and were largely not disappointed! We scored the best since the infamous outing to Sweeney's back in January. People universally loved the Fried Plate of Death and the cheap menu. Parking, mediocre service and less than awesome ambiance took it down a notch. One quotable came from Mr Engberg with the following:

Parking confusion was annoying, driving around the block in Nord'east with all the non-euclidean corners and one-ways is not my favorite pastime. Speaking of non-euclidean, I have to agree with Clint, a showdown with alternate universe el-presidente would have kicked ass. And probably freed their world from his tyranny over the Coleslaw of the Month Club. El Jefe whooping wholesale ass on PBR hipsters would have been acceptable as well. ;-)

Here's a breakdown of the scoring:

Burger - 3.42
Sides - 4.25
Beer - 4.17
Service - 3.25
Ambiance - 2.83
Value - 4.50

Overall score - 3.74

Monday, August 16, 2010

Salut Bar American - AAR

Here's the After Action Report for Salut in St Paul. In general there was agreement that the service and patio ambiance were nice, but disappointment at the small beer selection, the quality of the burgers (oh oh!) and the overall pricing. Honerable mention goes to the fries with bernaise sauce. Here's how the scoring broke down:

Burger: 3
Sides: 3.3
Beer: 2.3
Service: 3.67
Ambiance: 4
Value: 2.67

Overall score: 3.15