Friday, November 27, 2009

The Nook - After Action Report

Casper's and Runyon's Nook lived up to the hype. Club members were uniformly impressed with the burgers, service, ambiance and the value. The beer took a slight hit for a small selection and the "pretzel-tasting" Cygnus X-1. The Nook easily scored at the club's all time favorite (so far), with an overall score of 4.25, a half point higher than the Blue Door!

Let's break it down:

Overall Score: 4.25
Burgers: 4.17
Sides: 4.00
Beer: 3.67
Service: 4.83
Ambiance: 4.17
Value: 4.67

View the detailed scores here.

Up next month is Ike's Food & Cocktails on 21 December. Get ready for some holiday-burger-grubbin'.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Half Way to our Top 10!

The BOTM Club has hit it's halfway point in defining our Top Ten Best Burger Joints in the Twin Cities. Here's the rankings so far:

The Nook: 4.25
The Blue Door: 3.77
Grovland Tap: 3.67
5-8 Club: 3.33
Bulldog NE: 2.81
Matt's Bar: 2.38

Up this month (November) is Casper and Runyon's Nook in St Paul.

Matt's Bar - After Action Report

Matt's Bar was the destination in October. The club was roundly disappointed with Matt's Bar, the purported inventor of the Jucy Lucy. Matt's has the dubious honor of being lowest in the BOTM rating to date. Let's break it down:

Overall Average Score: 2.38

Burger: 2.25
Sides: 2.25
Beer: 2.75
Service: 2.25
Ambiance: 2.25
Value: 2.50

Detailed scoring and commentary.

The club seemed uniformly disappointed in both the food and the service. It didn't seem that Matt's lived up to its legendary hype.

Blue Door - After Action Report

In August the BTOM Club hit the Blue Door. It ranked the highest in our quest for the perfect burger joint to date, with an aggregate score of 3.77. Let's break it down:

Burger: 4
Sides: 4.25
Beer: 3.75
Service: 3.5
Ambiance: 3.5
Value: 4.25

Scoring details and commentary.

Seems like we were consistently happy with our burgers, and really enjoyed the sides (with the exception of the SPAM bites). The deep fried green beans got unanimous praise. Club members also seemed happy with quality beers served at $3/pint. Nice job Blue Door! We'll be coming back!