Sunday, November 8, 2009

Half Way to our Top 10!

The BOTM Club has hit it's halfway point in defining our Top Ten Best Burger Joints in the Twin Cities. Here's the rankings so far:

The Nook: 4.25
The Blue Door: 3.77
Grovland Tap: 3.67
5-8 Club: 3.33
Bulldog NE: 2.81
Matt's Bar: 2.38

Up this month (November) is Casper and Runyon's Nook in St Paul.


  1. Just was looking at the Nook's website in more detail. They are chirping about how great they are. We'll see... :-)

  2. I was checking that out too. Their article on the "Best Jucy Lucy" led to a dead end on the Pioneer Press website (lame). But a google search on the same phrase led me to this other group on a similar quest:

  3. The menu at the Nook looks good. I was pretty amused by the one called Juicy Nookie.

  4. The Doodledee guys have a nice review format. We may be updating our standards soon...or not :-)