Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bulldog Uptpown

We had a slightly better than average time at the Bulldog Uptown. Scores were much higher than the debacle we had the the Bulldog NE, so that was good. Overall, we were pleased with the burgers, perfect cheese curds, and the beer menu, but less than thrilled with the overall layout of the joint and the attitudinally-challenged service. Let's break it down:

Burger: 3.67
Sides: 4.5
Beer: 4.33
Service: 2.53
Ambiance: 2.83
Value: 3.33

Overall: 3.54

Shamrocks Rocks

Shamrocks does indeed rock! For only the 3rd time in club history, we have broken a overall 4 star rating! Not surprisingly, one of the other places was the Nook (still reigning champion). The other is Sweeneys. Scores and comments closely echo the voting for The Nook. I think that Shamrocks may have even won if they offered a more robust tap menu. Let's break it down:

Burger: 4.5
Sides: 4
Beer: 3.17
Service: 4.5
Ambiance: 3.67
Value: 4

Overall: 4

You should now be able to add comments to the voting via Google Docs.