Thursday, June 11, 2009

BOTM Club - Twin Cities Chapter

Here's the initial post to kick off the Twin Cities Chapter of the Burger of the Month Club.

The vision: to discover the best "burger 'n beer" tavern in St Paul or Minneapolis while simultaneously enjoying a "guy's night out."

Ground rules (if you don't like these, exceptions may be granted if the argument is compelling):

  • Tavern must serve quality burgers (preferably have a reputation going in)
  • Ideally good fries should accompany said burger
  • Ideally has that Minneapolis invention on the menu...the Jucy Lucy! This is definitely not mandatory, just a nice plus.
  • Tavern must serve beer. Preferably good, cheap and cold.
  • No corporate chains (eg, Champps, Applebees, etc.)
  • No taverns out in the burbs. If our burb brethren want to discover the best Burb Burger, that's their prerogative.
  • Manly taverns are a plus.

Club Officers:
  • El Presidente: Joe
  • Chief of Staff: El Jefe
  • Head of Intelligence: Pete
  • Treasurer: Javen
  • Cultural Attache / Ambassador: Todd
Provisional 2009/2010 Schedule:
Club meetings will always be the 3rd Monday of each month, unless the officers decide otherwise.
  • 5-8 Club: May
  • Groveland Tap:June
  • Matt's Bar: July (July maybe crazy due to Pete getting married and Jefe getting a little girl!)
  • The Blue Door Pub: Aug
  • The Bulldog (NE): Sept
  • The Nook: Oct
  • The Sportsman's Pub: Nov
  • Shamrocks Grill & Pub: Dec
  • Herkimer Pub: Feb
  • Sweeney's: March
  • Ike's Food & Cocktails: April
  • The Cardinal: May

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